Richie’s Bar & Grill

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Menu submitted by: Ryan


2978 Umi St.
Lihue, HI 96766

Phone Number: (808) 246-6300

Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-2am; Sat-Sun: 5:30pm-2am


8 Responses to “Richie’s Bar & Grill”

  1. Kateri says:

    The only place on the island where you can get deep fried pickles and batter fried bacon.

  2. Kauaigerl says:

    this place is pretty lame if you're under 21. The dance floor was totally empty. I swear there was less than 10 people. The people who were there left ten minutes later…Weird Skanky workers that are ugly (thinkin theyre hot when they're not). It was dead on a Friday night. LAME! The 21 & over side seemed a bit better..but i wouldn't call this place a 'club'. Overall, THUMBS DOWN! i wouldn't recommend wasting your time here for fun.

    • shotana says:

      honestly, this place is for commenting about the food and not you own personal issues with the the employees. as far as im concern the food is alright and i love going into a chill bar atmosphere. this is kauai hunnay and theres really no such thing as a club. oh and o course any bar would be lame for those underage. some of my coworkers are underage and i think its a great place for everyone to hang out together and we have fun. as far as workers go, they do what they do and our underage behind has no say because obviously your not tipping them. your comment just shows how immature you are by posting personal comments about the employees. remember now, ITS A BAR NOT A DAY CARE <3

  3. Vanessa says:

    decent prices, i'd go there

  4. BAD KARMA says:

    their whole establishments suck if theird lower their prices more people would come and they could pay their employeess…………….THEY SHOULD STOP WORRYING ABOUT THEIR COMPETITION TIPTOP AND START TAKING CARE OF THE PEOPLE WHO TAKE CARE OF THEM (EMPLOYEES) DONT GET PAID………. thats why their business is not gonna make it because they have BAD KARMA …..DIRTY BUSSINESSS

  5. Yummy food doesn’t matter if the dance floor is dead and br is filled that’s why its called richies bar and grill not richies dance floor fucking idiot. THUMBS UP TO RICHIES

  6. wille beamer says:

    dumb ghetto biych get real

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